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About Us 


Aadarana chit fund is one of the largest and fastest growing chit companies in Anantapur.we have got experience in the chit For about 10 years. The Company has invested adequately in infrastructure and facilities that help us in continuous monitoring of our subscribers and analyzing our performance.

We Have Chit Fund Company

Our concern is a proper Registered chitfund company under the Chit fund Act. We follow by the rules and regulations of the Act.

We Build Easy Way Success of business

It serves to all the peoples whether they are desire for savings or borrowing to meet extraordinary expenses on special occasions like Marriages, Construction of houses etc...

Our Vision

Our vision is to let every individual understand his own financial need and save accordingly. That when he/she needs the monetary help it comes from his own savings and not borrowed from any financial institution which charges exorbitant interest and allied fees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread our Branches all over India, so as to educate and ensure better financial planning, fighting monetary problems and help our subscriber whenever it is urgent or planned.

Our Services  

Save Money

Saving and Investing is a lifelong process. The earlier you start to save and invest, your will be bright than others who dont save and invest. Its best to start saving and investing as soon as you start earning money. Now it's the right time to join in AADARANA Chit fund today.

Borrow Money

Chit is the only financial product which allows you to save and to borrow. If you borrow from money lenders you will be paying interest and the principal amount you borrowed will be ideal, but if you borrow in our chitfund automatically you will be free from the amount when the group ends.

Choose Wisely

When a person likes to save, its more beneficial for him to save in chit better than depositing in Recurring deposits. The return he gets in a chit by way of dividend is higher than the interest from the banks on Recurring deposits.


Your money will be safe in the care of the stable company Aadarana Chit Fund Company.









Our Team  



Sri N.Ramakrishna

Managing Director

Smt. N.Sailaja


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About Us

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Contact Details

17-20, 1st floor, municipal complex, Anantapur.

+91 9849217177